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Introducing Mimix.

Mimix finds and connects the facts in your documents, without searching. Powered by the (msl) language, Mimix enables new ways of reading, writing, and research that free information from the trap of electronic documents.


Recipes for Research

In this presentation, we’ll explore the idea of looking at the creation of text narratives as a programming process and describe the activities of creating, editing, verifying, and disseminating written documents in algorithmic form.


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An Intro to Mimix

Mimix is an invention that will transform how we work, how we study, and how we share information. AI is everywhere, but it isn’t much help in finding and connecting facts in documents. Our vision is to transform research and word processing.


Although it seems anachronistic now, the Encyclopædia Brittanica was easier to reference than this blog post. My Texas Granny, Pearl Bethune, sold Britannica and went on to author two nonfiction books of her own. The second, Forward to the Past, required copious research... and metal printing plates!

Getting to Xanadu

Ted Nelson’s Xanadu is one of the most important and most maligned ideas in computer history. Why has it held such sway after more than 50 years? Is Xanadu so difficult to achieve that no one call pull it off, or are there other factors?


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Everything Old Isn’t New Again (Yet)

I’m pretty sure I was born a geek. I’ve always been interested in the latest technology, forever holding out hope that tomorrow’s inventions would make the world better than it is today. At the very least, maybe technology could one day make using technology itself easier. Alas, that has not been the case.


The color scheme for Mimix comes from the PDP-11 front panel.

The Mimix Logo

I love designing logos for other people, but I usually hate doing it for myself. In the case of the Mimix logo, there were three immediate inspirations. I wanted the logo to have a sixties or historic feel because the ideas behind Mimix came from that era, and so did I.